Monday, October 20, 2008

Front Street Norwalk, CA

This spot falls under “if you happen to be in the area” category. It’s not really worth a long trip but it’s a cool spot to sketch. Front Street used to be a sort of “main street” back when Norwalk was a farming/dairy community.
Now it’s a nearly deserted street in the middle of an urban area, but still has a lot of that old main street feel. Albeit a little run down.

I grew up in this area and I rediscovered it when I was staying down there recently. Only weird part was that as soon as I broke out my little watercolor kit the cops came and bothered me for a few minutes. You’ve got to remember that in this area sitting on a deserted street fiddling with something they can’t see looks pretty suspicious. Here's a map:

The only other things in the immediate area are the Hargitt House, a cool Victorian house built in 1891. Only Problem with this is that it's only open the first and third Saturday of every month from 1 to 4 pm. Map:

Also the awesome Norwalk Square sign. I didn't realize how cool this thing was until I moved away and saw a photo of it on the web. Weird how you don't see things right in front of you. I assume it's been there since the shopping center was opened in 1957. It's sketchable from the square itself or from the bus stop benches that surround the shopping center. Not much to the center itself, just ugly stucco buildings.



Dave Linder said...

Beautiful sketches - California seems like an incredibly scenic place. I sketch alot from my car, so I chuckled a little at your getting hassled by the police. I know it's going to happen to me sooner or later...

Chica Terremoto said...
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Chica Terremoto said...

G'day Mike
Just wanted to tell you that Muzeo @ Anaheim is holding a Philip Burke exhibit until April 12 (approximately). Feb 12, he'll be there in person, but the tickets are "limited"

How're things so far? I hope all is well, take care

--I've updated my blog, under a new URL

Anonymous said...

we need to get you posting again.
I just might need to meet you somewhere to go plein air painting.
Can't say anyone every suggested Norwalk before.

Forgot how great your drawing is.

Mike said...

Hey Robin haven't heard from you in a while, plein air painting? Lets go.
I'm trying to include some off the beaten path stuff. Got a bunch of stuff to post tomorrow. Good to hear from you.